Revision Path, directed by Maurice Cherry, interviews black web designers and creatives all over the U.S.

They shifted their focus over to entrepreneurship and ended up finding Weathers Media Group.

What would be your dream working setup?

I would love to physically work alone and travel while staying connected remotely.

With today’s plethora of communication methods I could go around the world and stay connected with my clients or my team.

Realistically, I would like to get office space soon and hire a few developers. We’d use a suite of industry standard tools to get clients in and out with smiles on their faces.

Right now I work from a Mac OS X 10.7.5 with tools like the Adobe Creative Suite, Aptana Studio, Sequel Pro and much more. We use Amazon Web Services for hosting, DNS, CDN, cloud storage and my databases. I’ve optimized our EC2 instances as much as I know how with Varnish, APC Cache, optimized MySQL and Apache configurations, and just good web practices. We use the LAMP stack for building software and websites (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP). There is also a Ruby on Rails instance that’s not in use that we plan to pick back up.

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